VP Harris Won’t Go To The Border But Makes Visit To Pride Parade For Photo-Op (And Secret Service Isn’t Very Happy)


Even though Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t had time to visit the crisis at the U.S-Mexico border, she can certainly make time for a photo op with her husband at the DC Pride Parade. We know that VP Harris is trying to seem more “likable” by the people, but by the reactions of her social service agents and even her husband, the whole thing was just weird.

Some critics wrote that the Pride Parade “should be held in Del Rio, TX next year” and that she should take some ‘pride’ in being VP and protecting our borders. The scene drew attention when a Secret Service agent near the vice president did not seem too happy that she was taking a walk. It becomes a challenge at times when the president or vice president attempts to mingle with the public, simply because the situation is under less security supervision.

The agent seemed to be frantically scanning the scene around her as she gathered towards a crowd at an intersection. One of the observers responded to a video clip online and said that this kind of “spontaneous public engagement” is anxiety-inducing for the agents.

But observers note that VP Harris continues to laugh off the migrant crisis and ignore her responsibilities to handle the border. Former president’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump even urged Americans living at the southern border to take matters into their own hands. The number of illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico continues to rise and Texas communities have continued to see spikes in illegal crossings.

Lara made it clear that VP Harris finds it all to be a laughing matter.

“She thinks she can just laugh off the crisis at the border and it’s embarrassing. That’s your problem when you don’t care about their qualifications or preparedness for a job. It’s terrible for women all around. Of course, a woman can be president and vice president. But let’s get a woman who is actually qualified and up to the job,” Lara Trump told Fox News’ Justice With Judge Jeanine.

Others have also pointed out how VP Harris “just laughs” whenever she is stuck for an answer on the border crisis. Sky News host Chris Kenney pointed out that whenever she’s asked about visiting the border, she just laughs about the crisis. Steve Guest also pointed out that every time VP Harris is asked about plans to visit the border, she turns the question into a laughing matter.

It seems like no serious issue can escape her cackle, which is either out of nerves or a deflecting tactic. But interviewers have noticed that whenever she laughs, it’s when she’s doing something wrong. VP Harris may as well admit that she doesn’t plan on solving or dealing with the border crisis problem at all. But all she does is laugh and get photo-ops.