Cuomo Claims The GOP Is Too Concerned With Lab Leak Theory, Falsely Blames Trump For Not Investigating it Earlier


As the Wuhan lab leak theory continues to gain credibility and attention from the mainstream media, some radical-left hosts have continued to deny any possibility that COVID-19 escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, even though it is the most credible hypothesis at the moment. CNN’s Chris Cuomo has continued to condemn anyone who draws attention to the lab leak theory.

On a recent broadcast of “Cuomo Primetime,” Chris Cuomo said that Republicans aren’t condemning the Trump Justice Department seizing records for House Democrats because they’re “too concerned” with the Wuhan lab story right now. “They’re too concerned with the Wuhan lab story right now, which takes us back to the beginning of a pandemic that they agreed was a hoax with their silence about when the president was calling it a hoax then,” he said.

Cuomo also falsely claimed that the government never took the lab leak theory seriously and that it is a “newer notion” than the theory that COVID-19 jumped from animal to human. He said that the theories were “politically charged” and that Trump supporters were complicit in playing down the pandemic reality.

“Americans are now seeing more interest in the China lab theory as some kind of vindication enough to play ‘I told you so’ with Fauci,” Cuomo stated.

But NewsBusters news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro points out that Cuomo himself reported the lab leak theory as “breaking news” back in April 2020. He’d stressed that the government was investigating the theory and said that it “isn’t as strong” as they believe the theory to be. He also called it the “story to watch” at the time.

Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy also pointed out the falsehood of Cuomo’s claims, saying that the IC would continue to rigorously examine emerging information and intel to determine the origins of COVID-19, whether it was through contact with infected animals or an accident at a lab in Wuhan.

Cuomo has continued to push the notion that the “political right” is obsessed with the origins of COVID-19 in order to push an agenda about China being sneaky rather than a “failing leadership under Trump.” When reporters had asked Trump if he’d seen evidence that the virus came from a lab, he said yes and that there was “evidence that points to that direction.” The Trump Administration had been open to the lab leak theory while CNN and other radical-left media outlets refused to acknowledge the theory out of fear that it would help Trump get re-elected.

Liberal media outlets are getting caught in their lies and trying to blame everything on Trump. The story just keeps repeating itself time and time again. What’s new?