VP Harris Still MIA On Border Crisis, Missed Out On Top Security Meeting


Vice President Kamala Harris has been absent from many critical roles she took in the administration, including a high-level security discussion between the top U.S and Mexican officials regarding the border crisis. This has surprised more than a few as VP Harris was assigned to be the border czar. Harris only visited the border back in March when she had been assigned as “the most qualified person” to address the massive surge in migrants crossing through.

Instead of engaging in important discussions, Harris traveled to New Jersey where she visited a child care center to talk about Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. This is also after 18 Republican governors wrote to the president regarding the almost 500% increase in apprehensions. The recent security meeting was led by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and U.S Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Compared to President Biden’s poll ratings, VP Harris is looking to be the leading contender among Democratic candidates for president. Many Biden voters have said they are unsupportive of Harris and that “her portfolio is trash.”

Republicans, such as former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer, called Harris the “president in waiting” and highlighted her efforts over the last few months to control guns, impose “woke” policies, and use “equity” in the name of federal spending. The White House website has even listed and referred to all of the executive departments as the ‘Biden-Harris administration.’ It was one of the first times the White House website listed the president and vice president as near coequals, which some call “unprecedented.”

“Clearly, Kamala Harris is more than a vice president in the traditional sense. She is truly the president-in-waiting,” Spicer said.

Even former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently ripped VP Harris for being MIA as the border continues to worsen. She even went so far as to say VP Harris has “given up” on trying to solve the border crisis after announcing a brand new YouTube series called “Get Curious with Kamala Harris.” It is a series about space exploration for kids, which led McEnany to ask why Harris is vacationing, going to Palm Springs, and working on a YouTube series as the world continues to crumble.

“Yeah, Get Curious with Kamala Harris! Boy am I curious. I’m curious about the border. NBC reporting that they knew the Haitian migrants were coming in July and they did nothing about it. I’m curious, where were you, Kamala? I’m curious, you were the last person in the room with Joe Biden ahead of the devastating Afghanistan withdrawal,” McEnany asked during a brand new Fox News segment.

VP Harris is ignoring the border crisis on purpose. Otherwise, why would she tarnish her reputation like this?