John Hopkins Hospital Calls Out Democrats Over Ignoring Natural Immunity


Many elected officials have called out President Joe Biden’s top medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci over refusing to acknowledge the benefits of natural immunity, adding that he is purposely ignoring the science of immunity to push his mass vaccination plan. Democrats have gone so far to ignore immunity that even Johns Hopkins doctors are accusing the health officials of having a “backward approach” to immunity.

Dr. Marty Makary, professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, recently wrote in to media sources to say that the health officials have it all wrong with mandates and natural immunity. Dr. Makary accused the mandates of ruining the lives of people getting fired, including nurses and soldiers. Soldiers are getting discharged when they’ve got immunity, even though public health officials have been sanctioned. Makary adds that this is a “failure of government,” not a “failure of science.”

“The data on natural immunity is now overwhelming. It turns out the hypothesis that our public health leaders had that vaccinated immunity is better and stronger than natural immunity was wrong. They got it backward. And now we’ve got data from Israel showing that natural immunity is 27 times more effective than vaccinated immunity. And that supports 15 other studies,” Makary said.

Makary adds that there isn’t even any flexibility on acknowledging natural immunity or the circulating antibodies, as the study credits in parts of Europe and Israel. Officials have deliberately ignored all of the scientific studies finding natural immunity to be superior to vaccine immunity while emphasizing that they are “following the science.” There have already been tens of millions of Americans who’ve had the virus and been vaccinated, with Makary pointing to the decline in those cases being the “natural immunity” that kicks in.

Makary explains how almost everybody has either had COVID or the vaccine, meaning that the “herd immunity” is finally kicking in and we are seeing a rapid decline. He claimed that the country is “done with the surges” and that we may see bumping cases seasonally and breakthrough infections, but that COVID-19 has downgraded in a major way. He said COVID-19 has evolved from a “major public health threat” to a “mild, common, cold-like illness.” He adds that the complications with COVID-19 are “exceedingly rare,” but that many people would disagree with him on that assessment.

Dr. Makary also pushed back against Fauci’s claim that it’s “too soon to tell” if Americans can gather for Christmas this year. He said the country will be in a much better place in November and cited how cases are down 35%. He even accused Dr. Fauci of using language that denies us moving away from an epidemic to an endemic phase, adding that we’ll have to learn to live with it.

What’s even worse is that Democrats have continued to treat risk across the population equally, adding that they’ve failed to communicate how over 90% of seniors are vaccinated. Democrats can only push that they “follow the science” for so long. But it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the politics of power.