Twitter Censors Trailer For Tucker Carlson’s Jan 6th Documentary


Big Tech has been in the news for censoring certain political material and it’s getting more clear who they are targetting. Twitter recently censored a trailer for Tucker Carlson’s documentary, Patriot Purge, behind a sensitive material filter. This tool would hide tweets behind a warning box that users must click through to view.

Fox has released the first parts of Carlson’s documentary, although Twitter users will have a hard time finding the trailer because it is hidden behind a warning label that states how the media has potentially sensitive content. Twitter users can see the tweets if they disable their sensitive content filter or click on the view button.

Andrew Meyer, a conservative activist, and author, said that Twitter did the exact same thing to the trailer for Anti White, a documentary about the rise of anti-white racist ideologies in the United States. Twitter’s sensitive content filter has often targeted the GOP, with Drudge Report links being hidden behind the filter in the Trump era days.

Users who have shared links from the site, including Donald Trump Jr., were censored. Twitter has even hidden photos and videos of the packed migrant facilities that Project Veritas leaked.

There have been additional steps between users of social media and the content that can be viewed, shared, or viewed. Democrats have been eager to make it more difficult for information to challenge their narratives while Republicans are advocating for free speech on the web. The two political parties are becoming increasingly passionate about how Big Tech plays a role in the future, including political elections. Twitter has declined to comment on the censoring of Carlson’s documentary.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Carlson’s documentary is getting censored. Anything that challenges the Left’s narrative or promotes an independent thought is considered “misinformation” and dangerous to all. All Twitter does is attack free speech.