22,000 NYC Municipal Workers Remain Unvaccinated As De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate Begins


Mayor Bill de Blasio recently issued a vaccine mandate for all New York City state employees, even though 22,000 workers remain unvaccinated. More than half of municipal workers are unvaccinated. Those who have applied for religious or medical exemptions can continue to work and will be subject to weekly testing as their applications are processed. City workers who are not vaccinated or have not requested a religious or medical exemption will be placed on unpaid leaves.

It was reported that about 9,000 city workers would be on unpaid leave starting Monday, which represents 6% of the city’s workforce. Some of the officials say that the mandates “work,” adding how the remaining have pending accommodations/exemption requests. They are currently working and will be subject to weekly testing.

Approximately 84% of New York City’s Police Department have received at least one dose. 36,000 officers make up the NYPD and 19,000 are civilian workers. 6,500 NYPD employees have applied for religious exemptions while 2,500 employees are expected to be on sick leave. 82% were given a shot by the sanitation department.

Sanitation workers were told that they should plan to work 12-hour shifts, as well as Sundays. 80% of New York Fire Department employees have received at least one dose, with 75% of firefighters having fulfilled the requirement. 87% have fulfilled the obligation for medics and EMTs within the FDNY.

More than 2,000 of 11,000 firefighters in the city have taken sick days during the week, with some of the members taking irresponsible sick leave. According to reports from within, the excessive sick leave is due to their anger at the vaccination mandate for all city employees. They called it unacceptable and contrary to the oaths they took to serve & protect the lives of New Yorkers.

Andrew Ansbro, President of Uniformed Firefighter Association, states that there is no organized protest and that they wouldn’t advocate for a firehouse being closed or for members to not work overtime. He said they need all the help they can get to keep the place safe and running smoothly. They are trying to prevent what will be an unavoidable disaster, adding that hundreds of firefighters were still suffering from side effects after receiving their first shots. According to other reports, hundreds of men are experiencing flu-like symptoms as a result of receiving the shot.