Trump’s Moving Story About Fallen Soldiers Reveals Just How Un-American Joe Biden Really Is


Rep. Lauren Boebert has been an avid Donald Trump supporter for quite some time now and expressed how his Memorial Day message is one of the many reasons why we need a leader like back in the White House. Must be nice to hear a great speech from a man who actually loves their country.

Former President Donald Trump recently honored the fallen heroes in a Memorial Day message to remind Americans that “all we are” is thanks to them. He spoke at the 2021 GOP Convention in Greenville, North Caroline last weekend and shared a moving story about the fallen soldiers being brought back home and speaking with their families.

“This is just one of many reasons why we need a leader like Trump in the White House. He understood the gravity of what these forever wars did to our nation and the human toll they caused. You’d never hear something like this from Biden or any establishment politician,” Boebert wrote on Twitter.

Trump shared his story of seeing Gold Star families at Walter Reed Hospital react to the caskets of their fallen loved ones returning home from war. He detailed the anguish that American families felt seeing the coffins of their sons and daughters come out of the airplane. He said he’d be at Dover with the large cargo planes and was amazed to see the families sharing stories about their children.

Trump said he would look at the general and say, ‘Well, it’s amazing the way they can handle it.’ And then the plane would come in and the general would notify Trump that things wouldn’t be good.

“And that door would open up, that big back door, right? Would open up from this incredibly powerful machine that can lift up Army tanks like it’s nothing. And it would open up. And there would be one or two or three or four coffins. And I’d see the same people who were talking to me, so jubilant about their child, how great the child was, would start screaming. Screaming. Screams like I’ve never heard before. It was the most terrible thing to watch,” Trump said.

Some mothers, wives, and even fathers would break in through the military ranks and jump on top of the coffins. Trump recalled a time that he saw one mother jump on a coffin past these incredibly fit soldiers and how they kept walking and didn’t do a thing. They let the mother stay on the coffin.

“Twenty-one years. You know, you’ve heard nineteen years, but it’s not nineteen, now it’s twenty-one years in Afghanistan. It’s enough. And we haven’t lost a soldier in Afghanistan since January of last year. We haven’t lost a soul. Not one single soldier has been lost. Pretty amazing,” Trump said to applause from the crowd.

Trump reiterated his commitment to bring home the American troops from the Middle East.

Donald Trump a businessman who hasn’t served a lifetime in the political arena cares about our Constitution, America, the military men and women who fight for our values and freedoms, and protects what makes America great. President Biden only cares about the money he can steal, the politics he can control, and the crimes he can get away with from the White House. He’s spent a lifetime in politics doing nothing – we know who America’s president really is.