Marsha Blackburn Joins GOP Lawmakers To Demands Answers On COVID-19 Origins & Get Fauci Fired

UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 3: Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., leaves the House Republican Conference meeting at the Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn is the most recent Republican lawmaker demanding answers on the origins of COVID-19 and has explicitly called for answers from Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top medical adviser, on how he handled the pandemic behind the scenes. On a recent segment of Fox Business, Blackburn brought up the emails between Fauci and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the way they were suppressing information to the American people on the origins of COVID-19.

In the emails, Zuckerberg thanked Fauci for his ongoing “leadership” and even flagged his account’s platform of the coronavirus information hub to promote “authoritative information from reliable sources.” Zuckerberg deemed the platform reliable and asked Fauci to include a video because “people trust and want to hear from our experts rather than just a bunch of agencies and political leaders.”

Fauci called the proposal terrific and said that he wants to reach as many people as possible and convince them to take “mitigation strategies seriously.” But Blackburn wondered why Fauci wanted to downplay the idea that COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan lab.

“What we also know is Dr. Fauci was running a PR campaign. He was not giving the American people accurate scientific information. He was cherry-picking different facts to help him in a PR campaign. So maybe he should leave his post and go work for an ad agency to try to do PR campaigns,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn also points out how “confident” Biden was in Fauci and that he had problems investigating any misinformation regarding the things he said. She points out that it seems like Biden has a China problem and refuses to keep his promise on choosing “science over fiction.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he believed the same thing and that the president needs to find a person the American people can trust. He said that President Biden should take politics aside and find a person they can trust.

“We’re talking about an administration that shifted course when they first came in, the Biden administration, and gave millions of dollars back to the World Health Organization that lied to the world that is controlled by China. We watched that they changed the direction when we were standing up to China to appease China now. This is the wrong direction, and I don’t believe anybody in America can trust that to get to the bottom of it,” McCarthy said.

By Fauci withholding information and not being straight with the American people, he lost his reputation and has become an incredibly ineffective adviser to the president and to the American people. Most GOP leaders have asked Fauci to do the right thing and resign, including Sen. Roger Marshall who said his “damning” emails should’ve been enough to plan a retirement party.

As the highest-paid worker in the government, Fauci has shown himself to be an egocentric narcissist of the highest order. He collaborated with Chinese Scientists and then acts like he knows nothing of that relationship. Yet when it’s convenient for him, he becomes an expert on the subject and claims that the Chinese government has every motivation to figure how this virus originated.