Trevor Noah Blasts New York’s Hypocritical Vaccination Rules


Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has attacked New York City’s inconsistent COVID-19 vaccination rules. These rules prohibited Kyrie Irving, NBA star, from playing with his Nets teammates. However, he was allowed to view the game from the stands alongside a full crowd. Trevor Noah was a bit off Monday’s show during a monologue.

“Restrictions are being removed so fast that it is becoming a bit confusing. For example, in New York City Mayor Eric Adams has removed the requirement that you must be vaccinated before attending indoor events. OK, that’s gone. Noah explained that vaccinations are still required to enter your workplace.

“So, if someone’s job involves an indoor event they cannot go to work, but they can come to work to see their coworkers do their thing. That’s exactly what happened this weekend.

“Yeah guys, it doesn’t matter how COVID-compliant you are. This makes no sense. Let’s agree on this. Noah said. “So Kyrie can go in, without wearing a mask or hugging a teammate but he cannot play.”
New York City requires that any worker performing in-person work or interacting with the public during business hours must show proof of COVID-19 vaccine. The city has also dropped indoor vaccination requirements for restaurants, shops and gyms.

Trevor Noah recently criticized President Joe Biden for his disastrous foreign policy leadership. Leaders of Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates refused to answer the president’s calls.