Tim Scott To Take On Critical Race Theory


Sen. Tim Scott (Republican from South Carolina) will address critical race theory in a speech at the Reagan Library, California. He warns against “teaching children they are oppressors”.

According to Axios’ speech, Scott will address various issues related to education in America. He also appears to “take a swipe” at the “1619 Project,” a series of the New York Times that uses fake historical narratives and attacks America’s founding.

Scott will state that parents have the right to see what their children are learning in school. Teaching children that oppressors are their enemies is as harmful as teaching them they will always be victims.

According to Axios, the Palmetto State Republican will use a speech as part of the “Time for Choosing” speaker series to claim that he is “proof that conservatism lifts Americans of color.”

He will also pursue President Joe Biden’s failures in the areas of national security and economy.

Scott will repeat the words of Ronald Reagan: “Inflation can be as dangerous as a mugger, frightening as an armed criminal, and deadly as a hitman.” “Democrats’ leadership led to a 40 year high in inflation and they are still spending more money on this crisis.” This is not good news for moms who make decisions in homes such as the one I grew-up in.

“President Biden’s weakness on the international stage has emboldened terrorists. Bullies and dictators,” he said, continuing to challenge the foreign policy of the Biden administration. “Bloodthirsty dictators such as Putin only understand strength, which is what we must project from America.”

Axios reports that he will also demand “a physical barrier at our southern border” as well as American energy independence.