Sen. Warren Predicts Dems Are Heading For Big Losses In Midterms


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass.) raised alarm by warning her party of “big losses” for Democrats, if they don’t keep their promises.

Warren stated Monday, in an opinion piece published on Monday by the New York Times: “To be blunt: If it fails use the remaining months before the elections to deliver more of our agenda,” Warren said.

Warren stated that Democrats were the most equipped to comprehend the economic realities facing vulnerable Americans. However, Warren warned that the party’s inability achieve concrete legislative success could pose a threat to its ability retain voters.

Warren stated that Democrats will win elections if their understanding of American economic realities is demonstrated.

Since his election, Biden has not been able to pass large parts of his legislative agenda. Biden was unable secure the votes required for his Build Back better Agenda and other important priorities.

Warren stated that, even though Democrats passed an infrastructure package of $1 trillion last year and have done enough to win voters over, it was not enough.

Warren said that he was frustrated at the inability of Americans achieve large items, which are both urgently required and popular among all Americans. “While Republican politicians obstruct many attempts to improve people’s life and many swear loyalty the Big Lie to, the urgency for next year bears down upon us.”