This Week’s Big Tech Ban & The Unveiling Of Trump’s New Website


Since being permanently banned from several Big Tech platforms, former President Donald Trump has been in talks of launching his own social media platform for quite some time now. In the meantime, Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, have launched a website for personal office affairs which you can find here.

The new site includes over a dozen pictures from meeting with foreign leaders to attending black-tie dinners and the inaugural ball at the White House. While it does not mention his two impeachment trials, it does talk about Trump’s early decisions in handling the coronavirus pandemic by banning travel from China and Europe, a move that saved thousands of lives. Joe Biden spent months campaigning that this move by Trump was ‘hysterical xenophobia’ and ‘racist’ before imposing his own travel restrictions related to coronavirus outbreaks when taking office.

“Donald J. Trump launched the most extraordinary political movement in history, dethroning political dynasties, defeating the Washington Establishment, and becoming the first true outsider elected as President of the United States,” the site’s bio reads.

The former president’s longtime adviser and spokesperson, Jason Miller, adds that he will be launching a new social media platform in the next 2-3 months that will attract “tens of millions” of new users and redefine the game of protecting free speech and letting people share their voices instead of walking on the eggshells of cancel culture. He called it the “hottest ticket in social media” and that everybody is waiting to see exactly what former President Trump does. He adds that numerous companies have approached Trump and had meetings at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

After Facebook joined Twitter and Snapchat in permanently banning Trump from their social media platforms after the Capitol Riot, they also announced that they would be scrubbing any content clean “in the voice of Donald Trump.” Trump officials were recently sent an email from Facebook employees in regards to an interview between former President Trump and his daughter-in-law Lara Trump.

During the interview, Trump criticized social media and mainstream news outlets for suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in order to maintain Biden’s bid for the 2020 presidency and adds that cancel culture has been bad for quite some time now and is only getting worse.

Big Tech warned Lara Trump that the interview would be removed, as well as limitations on the accounts that post them. Lara posted it anyway and it was later removed from her Facebook page.

“We are reaching out to let you know that we removed content from Lara Trump’s Facebook page that featured President Trump speaking. In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts,” the email reads.

Talk about Orwell’s 1984. This is the Democrat’s America. They’ll silence your voice if you don’t fit the narrative.