Dems Continue To Blame ‘Right-Wing Narrative’ For The Border Crisis


The crisis on the border has been getting worse by the day, and the answer is pretty simple – secure the border and enforce the laws. But since a handful of reversed actions by President Joe Biden, Border Patrol agents aren’t even allowed to “apprehend” migrants who are caught illegally crossing the border. Between skyrocketing surges of migrants crossing the border and packed facilities housing nearly 4,000+ migrants each, the only thing the liberal mainstream media networks can argue is that this is just a “right-wing narrative.”

On a recent CNN segment of “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter argued that the border crisis was just a “right-wing narrative” that is trickling into the rest of the press and that it was just meant to divert attention. He went on to talk about how GOP lawmakers are setting an agenda against immigration issues by trying to implicate there is a border crisis. Other guests on the show, Washington Post Columnist Greg Sargent and Salon writer Amanda Marcotte, agreed that this was nothing more than a political move by Republicans.

Democrats claimed there was a ‘border crisis’ under the Trump era for children being kept in ‘cages,’ which was pre-COVID, and took up to 30 days to process. Now, those kids are in the exact same facilities with over 600% capacity and are taking up to 90 days to process. They are still being separated by family members and the facilities have bypassed COVID-19 guidelines in order to house even more migrants. This is beyond a crisis.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl joined Stelter on CNN to talk more about the border crisis. He was asked about his thoughts on colleague, ABC News White House correspondent Cecelia Vega, who questioned President Biden on the migrant crisis. She’d cited a facility in Donna, Texas that is currently at 1,556% capacity and asked when it was going to be fixed. Karl defended Vega’s questions on the show and told Stelter that this was much more than a ‘right-wing narrative.’

“You pointed to Cecelia Vega. I think that’s incredibly valuable. That is not ‘right-wing talking points.’ Cecelia had just been at the border, she had just talked to migrants who have come over — including some that said point-blank that they had come because they thought they would have better treatment now that Joe Biden was president. That’s a legitimate question to put to on the president and I thought his answer was one of the more interesting moments in that press conference,” Karl said.

Stelter quickly moved on to another segment of the show when he didn’t have a response, but Karl makes a good point. Biden’s answer to Vega’s questions was more than interesting – he mocked her question in the first place. She pointed out that kids are sleeping on the floor, being packed into pods, and haven’t seen the sunlight in days. She asked him, since images have come out from that particular facility, what is acceptable to him and how he plans to fix it. “That’s a serious question, right?” Biden asked in a mocking tone.

President Biden went on to say that the administration will continue “rectifying the problem” by moving out thousands of kids quickly. He said he’s been working to try to find additional access for children to be housed safely. He barely answered her question and gave the same vague response that White House press secretary Jen Psaki gives at daily press briefings, before moving on to another question. He would provide no additional detail.

But to the radical left, even the soaring number of migrants at the border, the media being refused access into facilities, the gag order placed on all Border Agents, and the pictures leaked from the area are all just ‘right-wing narrative.’