This Feels Like The Dark Web


The Dems have pretty much lost their minds at this point. Since moving on from pushing the Russia hoax for four years, they’ve moved on to something much more ludicrous…if that’s even possible. 

The latest hoax has been that President Donald Trump is now trying to sabotage the U.S postal service. Why? To steal the election, of course. 

Mind you, the complete opposite is what’s happening here. The Dems are trying to include USPS funds into the latest coronavirus relief bill so that they can get universal mail-in voting. This is just a nightmare in the making. The security of our election would be jeopardized by a trial-and-error system put together by the radical left. THIS would be stealing the election. Not the other way around or the way we’ve been doing it for decades.

The political agenda being pushed is that President Trump wants to defund the post offices to prevent votes from getting to the election board. This is an insane point of view. The USPS already has their funding for the year. Why include it in a bill that is supposed to be protecting and caring for the American families and small businesses that have actually suffered?

The radical left have also come up with their own hoax theories on Twitter. Jamie Lee Curtis, for example, posted a picture of a broken down mail truck, claiming that the driver of the tow truck was a Trump supporter and that this was a part of some grand scheme in stealing the election. She even wrote “the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters.” Wait a second. I thought a red cap with white letters meant that it was a red cape with white letters. It’s automatically a Trump hat…really? What about Coca-Cola?

But sure, here comes Trump. Stealing the election one mail truck at a time.

If that isn’t insane enough for you, there’s already theories about why USPS is turning off their mail sorting machines. Democrats claimed there is “no explanation” to why they are turning off their mail sorting machines and that this is an effort to destroy the Post Office in a continuing conspiracy to steal the election. 

The Dems are almost making me feel like I’m on the dark web with such conspiracy theories.

The radical left sharing the news article must have missed reading a few parts. USPS spokesperson, David Partenheimer, explained the change. 

“The Postal Service routinely moves equipment around its network as necessary to match changing mail and package volumes. Package volume is up, but mail volume continues to decline. Adapting our processing infrastructure to the current volumes will ensure more efficient, cost effective operations and better service for our customers,” he said. 

No explanation? It’s right there.

As long as their political agendas scare Americans into voting for Biden, the Dems will do or say just about anything at this point. There’s a huge difference between mail-in ballots versus absentee ballots but they just aren’t getting it. 

The entire situation is a mess that would overload the Post office. We might not even know who won until after Inauguration Day if the Dems got their way with mail-in voting. If you can go out to protest, you can go out to vote. Period.