The Deja Vu Of The Dems


For the past four years, Democrats have been trying to remind us of the “good old days” while trying to reassemble the Obama coalition. Though many think the Biden-Harris ticket will do just that, they are completely wrong.

The “pragmatic moderate” New York Times claims Harris to be is a pretty wild claim when looking at her track record. Looking at stats, she is the second most left-wing senator after Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the least bipartisan candidate for the nomination. She was ranked 93rd out of 98 senators to lead former Democratic presidential candidates. This is behind senators such as Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet, Kirsten Billibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker. 

It was Harris who led the charge against Brett Kavanaugh with a complete absence of evidence, targeted pro-life journalist David Daleiden, and impose religious tests to disqualify candidates for the federal judiciary. 

Obama performed better with white voters in northern states than any Democrat in history during the 2009 election season. Those same voters went on to support Trump in 2016 for the same reasons. Charisma, political skills, a backbone, and the ability to connect with people. Trump and Obama initially vowed the same things: to protect manufacturing jobs and push back against globalization.

Harris is not on that same ticket, letting the mainstream media lead and represent her as the same hope that people voted for during the Obama coalition. 

If Biden wants to win over the white working-class voters in northern states, he can’t keep selling himself out to the radical left and their outrageous agendas. He’s pretty much a Washington puppet on strings at this point and Harris won’t do any better to sell a different narrative. 

It’s not going to help because she’s a woman or because she’s black. Harris is an elite who gets cozy with Wall Street. She wants to kill the oil and gas industry and is pretty far to the left compared to Obama’s era on cultural issues.

The mainstream media wants to sell this narrative of getting the old Obama coalition back together for one last hurrah but that’s just not the case. He can’t recreate it, neither can Harris. They are as far to the left as one can be at this point and if they wanted to abolish police altogether, well, I wouldn’t be too surprised. 

We have to vote for the coalitions that belong to their people. Obama’s coalition belonged to him, just as Trump’s belong’s to him. Bidens coalition remains with whoever has the deepest pockets and the loudest voice.