The Orwellian Ways Of Fake News & Big Tech During Trump’s CPAC Event


The Conservative Political Action Conference experienced all sorts of Big Tech censorship when former president Donald Trump took the stage at the Sunday event in Dallas, Texas.

Trump talked about voter fraud and discussed the results of last year’s election, saying that he’ll never forget on Election Night how they did so much better than they ever thought in their wildest imagination. He said he was leading in the polls and that not a lot of people expect Joe to be running. Right when he told the crowd that he said “we did so much better than they ever thought,” a disclaimer ran across the Fox News screen for 40 seconds during his speech.

“Voting system companies have denied the various allegations made by President Trump and his counsel regarding the 2020 election,” the disclaimer read.

According to a defense statement, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic had sued Fox News regarding election fraud claims. Fox News Media responded that virtually every media outlet in the country covering the former President’s fraud allegations have to fear over being sued. He said that Smartmatic’s efforts to bedrock this constitutional protection are “dangerous” and should be rejected. Fox News said all of the fear would go away if it were disproved in court.

Voting advocates such as Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani continue to fight billion-dollar lawsuits from Dominion. Out of fear, Fox News has felt the need to slap a disclaimer on the screen when we all know that what Trump said is true and relevant.

States are currently questioning the outcome of the votes and there are ongoing investigations into election interference. Regardless of what election systems say and do, why are states holding audits if there’s nothing to hide? Fox News started turning on the President since Election Night and has held itself to false reporting standards ever since.

Fox News was heavily criticized after calling Arizona for President Biden before many other news outlets and unwilling to back his claims of voter fraud or investigate it. Since their decision to call Arizona, weekend daytime ratings completely collapsed and they hit an all-time low with approval ratings. Trump previously tweeted that the biggest difference between the 2016 Election and 2020 was Fox News.

Even Google-owned Youtube censored the American Conservative Union and removed their CPAC NOW network. They removed an episode of “America UnCanceled” which was Trump talking about his lawsuit against Big Tech.

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp said it was just another example of Big Tech censoring content they disagree with for political purposes. Youtube also gave the ACU Youtube account a strike. They were banned from posting any content or broadcasting any speeches from the CPAC 2021 event in Dallas, TX, including Trump’s Sunday address.

While Youtube argues that they enforce the Community Guidelines equally for everyone, it’s clear that the former president is the only exception. Big Tech even censored Trump, doctors, and other medical groups from talking about a hydroxychloroquine study by the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases & Urban Health. They are saying that the drug is effective in combatting the virus but that Google’s political biases end up influencing Youtube in more ways than one.

At this point, the liberal’s definition of “misinformation” is something that doesn’t fit their narrative or something they just don’t like. Either way, it’s Orwellian.