The Obvious And Most Direct Monument To Slavery


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested holding formal discussions over whether President Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues should be taken down, saying she is “all” for it. Of course she is…

During a recent interview with Washington Post Live, host Robert Costa asked Pelosi for her response to a reckoning regarding the slave-owning founding fathers. She said she feels that any monument to Confederates should be removed “safely.” She also is in favor of taking down the nation’s first and third presidents.

“I’m concerned about slavery in our country. I think it’s a sin. I am also concerned about what happened to Native Americans in our country, so we have a list of grievances that are part of the early years of our country and we do not want that to be continued by glorifying any of the people who perpetuated those injustices,” Pelosi said.

She suggested a review instead of tearing down and defacing national monuments. She asks why we are glorifying sins of the past, but when asked about Confederates, well that’s “a different story.” It always is with the Dems, right? “But you know what, subject everything to scrutiny and make a decision,” Pelosi said. 

Her comments came up as the Trump Administration called the National Guard to protect these monuments in Washington D.C and told U.S marshals to prepare to defend the monuments across the nation from the riots. 

During the weeks following the George Floyd protests, confederate statues have been the largest target for rioters, but statues of Founding Fathers and abolitionists have been torn down by the mob in recent days. Pelosi, herself, even removed paintings of Confederate Leaders herself. Ironically enough, Pelosi’s father, the late Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. even spoke at the dedication of a monument to honor Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Purging confederate statues could represent a slippery slope. If we’re looking at the next symbol of Confederacy and hate then the Democrat party should be removed itself. That is the obvious and most direct remaining monument to slavery there is.