More Narrative Ploys


Word has spread that another principled conservative announced her support for presumed Democrat presidential pick Joe Biden. Former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is just the next ‘principled’ Republican to tell us where she stands in 2020. I guess it’s time to remember all those who voted with the people tearing down statues of George Washington and General Grant.

Senator Ted Cruz has bashed Fiorina on this by saying she’ll vote for what will get her the most progressive presidential ticket in U.S history. She lost support during a sit-down with the Atlantic in which people say they had once voted for her in the primary and have now lost any future vote. Mind you, Fiorina voted for Trump in 2016. She’s now voting for Biden because he is a person of “humility and empathy.” She seemed to forget the word ‘sleepy’ as well. Or Joe getting his son out of jail, destroying the economy, passing racist prison reform bills, shall I go on?

This is nothing but a pathetic narrative ploy. I wouldn’t be surprised if more “principled” Republicans step forward to vote for Biden. That and pushing to get rid of debates for fear of how Biden will perform in them. 

Mike Madrid has also stepped forward to say he is voting for “decency, competence and character” this year and voting for Biden. There are a lot of words to describe Joe Biden but those three don’t do it. I guess “fighting for the character of our nation” just means deleting Trump’s twitter page? 

Let’s be honest though. No one is voting for Biden. They are voting for the handlers who will control Biden. Why? To gain power of course. Nothing but earning some scraps out the table by selling themselves out. Well, after Trump wins a second term these same people will all be sucking up to him and calling themselves “conservatives” once again. Principled conservative is the new conservative socialist.