The Most Anti-American Speech Ever


Sleepy Joe has left the basement and well…he might want to head right back there. In the leading days to Independence Day, Biden had given the American people a minute and a half online video that may be one of the most anti-American speeches ever given by an American presidential candidate. 

While President Trump gave a grand presentation at Mount Rushmore celebrating and honoring our American heroes, Biden decided to omit the creator of the Declaration of Independence.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and historian, broke down Biden’s entire speech through a Twitter thread. He referenced Biden’s defaming of Jefferson, limiting the Founding Father to nothing more than a “one-idea slave owner.” He calls the Union’s war which led to abolishing slavery to “ravages.” This snub of such brave men is tragic and shameful. 

Biden forgets to mention the killing of volunteer civil rights workers in Mississippi, Eisenhower, sending in the U.S Army to integrate Little Rock schools against a Democratic governor, JFK fighting segregation, etc. He took a moment in our “woke” society to take a jab at our American heroes and nothing more. 

Biden is dominated by “the racism that has torn us apart.” If only he had this much passion during his time he served under President Obama’s Administration, there might’ve been some actual work done. 

President Trump’s Mt. Rushmore’s speech just might win him the reelection with its magnificent and honored address of our great Americans. No other national figure has had President Trump’s courage when it comes to breaking down the far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you don’t speak the liberal language, you’ll be condemned by the canceled culture that defines totalitarianism. It has no place in our country’s culture and values. 

The contrast between President Trump’s courageous defense of America as a country dedicated to freedom and Biden’s hostile condemnation of America is stunning. This is setting the stage for one of the most important elections in American history.