Are The Left Really Eating Their Own?


Cancel culture has moved on from national monuments to broadway hits. The latest “woke” critics are giving a harsh no to Hamilton now. In the age of cancelling everything, we’ve got to find ways to unite and celebrate our shared history before everything gets erased by these left-wing activists.

The hashtag #CancelHamilton has been trending, even by the Daily Mail. They announced that the musical should be axed after its debut on Disney Plus for the Founding Father’s role in slave trade. The show’s success grossed $650 million in ticket sales since its 2015 opening. 

Back before the cancel culture, media platforms such as the Chicago Tribune praised it as one of the most “arguably artistically successful theatrical productions in the history of Chicago.” Newspapers preached that no other show has come close to the financial and popular appeal and success as Hamilton has. 

But now the analysis of Hamilton is just downright critical. Like Biden, the media goes where the wind blows. Though the show was portrayed as a young and hungry immigrant who is passionately determined to end slavery, the political narrative has changed. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, the story has now come to light that Hamilton was a slave trader. The founding father had married into the prominent New York slaveholding family and managed the sale of slaves for his in-laws. Though he never likely owned slaves himself, Twitter burst into flames.

Twitter users said Hamilton “glorified our racist founding fathers and painted America as a good country.” They continued their tweets saying Hamilton has “cancelled himself” when he decided to buy and sell human beings and if you’re okay with that then “you’re a white supremacist.” Oh hey, haven’t heard that one before from a liberal. You either agree with their political narrative or you’re racist. How original.

People called out Disney for supporting such a slave trading founding father and its “cultural appropriation.” They also called out the creator Lin Manuel Miranda for writing a piece of work that used hip hop to tell the story of colonizers and slave owners. What’s flawed about this argument is that if they had used a different genre of music, then people would just criticize that the message behind the story is “white-washed” by music that doesn’t support the “culture.” You can’t win either way with the Dems.

People want to cancel a “singing George Washington” left and right but forget that just months ago the play was praised and preached as “one of a kind.” Just shows you how many people jump on the bandwagon for constant chaos. People even said “how can a latino or black person play the part of a white person if they haven’t lived the white experience?” Wait, what? Some people on the left are really eating their own and making truly racist remarks. The irony. 

People want to complain that people of color aren’t given big parts in musicals then they are and then those people find more to complain about. It never ends. You can’t keep something traditional, you can’t make something diverse. That is the hypocrisy of the left.

Considering the play won 11 Tony’s and grossed $1 billion worldwide, I doubt Hamilton will be gone anytime soon. Then again, I never thought people would try to wipe George Washington from the history books.