The Latest & Greatest Conspiracy Theory


The Washington Post is back at it again with ludicrous remarks and an absurd conspiracy theory. In a recent article, a reporter tried to use the Corona Virus outbreak to score political points against President Trump. Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler states “Line from Trump’s State of the Union address that did not age well: ” “Incredibly, the average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any administration in the history of our country.” 

Now hold on a second…Kessler cannot possibly think Trump has somehow caused the skyrocketing unemployment rate with over 10 million new claims over the last few weeks. Has he been living under a rock and unaware of the global pandemic rattling the lives of millions or is he really just this ignorant? We’ll go with the latter. 

If we’re being totally honest, the Press, alongside Kessler, hates Trump for a few reasons. One of which being that 3 months ago we had the lowest African-American and Hispanic unemployment rate ever recorded. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5% last September, its lowest point since 1969 when Richard Nixon was President. The numbers have been on Trump’s side for a while now and it upsets people. No matter what he does the media wants him to fail. I’m not surprised Liberals are now pointing the finger at Trump for Corona Virus affecting the unemployment rates.

As for the so-called “fact-checkers” in the media, Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler is a hit or miss…but mostly miss. He’s too involved in a series of missteps (to put it nicely) when it comes to analyzing the efforts of the Trump Administration that his “facts” aren’t facts at all. 

This isn’t the first time his analysis has been way off the charts. He was caught falsely attributing a quote to President Trump about how economic progress shouldn’t be impeded even if there was a “pile of bodies over in the corner”, insinuating it’s what Trump said when asked about a timeline for getting things back to normal. Several Twitter uses pointed out that wasn’t what Trump said at all. It was originally stated by Bill Gates. Kessler along with the rest of the left-winged media seem to falsely reflect that Trump wants everything back to normal by tomorrow regardless of what it costs the American people. This view, of course, has never been reflected by the Trump Administration. Just another media-washed theory. 

Kessler has been caught several times by Twitter users and political figures retweeting false content, one of which being a left-wingers observation on a viral FOX video. He later walked his retweet back explaining to his followers that he was focusing on a certain aspect of the video BUT that the first statement of the story was wrong. So then why retweet at all if you weren’t going to originally explain that to your audience?

As a fact-checker of the Washington Post you think he would actually be dissecting claims before sharing them with a mass amount of followers. Most of the time he isn’t acknowledging his own errors. You’d have to be a loyal follower of garbage to believe that particular garbage at all of blaming Trump for the current crippling economy.