Democrats Support Illegal Immigrants, Not The American People


As the coronavirus contagion rages and shakes the U.S economy forcing the closure of businesses and putting millions of hardworking citizens out of work, the federal government is still actively inviting foreign labor into the country to seek employment. 

The Department of Homeland Security has released 20,000 H-2B visas for seasonal work in landscaping, food processing, and tourism jobs, and are planning to release another 15,000 “bonus visas” in May. 

Tucker Carlson of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reports: ”By law, the United States only has to offer 66,000 H-2B visas per year. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has used his discretionary powers to add 35,000 extra visas. So that’s a total of 100,000 workers coming to this country to take jobs during the single biggest unemployment crisis in a century. It’s demented.”

He also noted that the unemployment rate could reach 32% and put more people out of work than in the worst year of the Great Depression. When vaccines are properly tested and become readily available, the virus itself will cease to exist but the stability of our country lies at a greater threat. Families and individuals nationwide will live with the crushing unemployment numbers far longer than the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Of course left wingers are attacking the Trump Administration for trying to leave illegal immigrants out of the CoronaVirus economic stimulus package to protect our nation, while failing to remember that President Obama once ignored existing immigration laws to create DACA. 

As acting President of the United States, Trump is looking to the interest of the United States and its hardworking legal citizens. He also isn’t breaking any laws. The U.S Supreme Court has backed up Trump’s travel ban and all other corrective actions he has been taking against the spread of the CoronaVirus. 

The Corona Virus economic stimulus package is at a halt with Congress because Democrats can’t put aside partisan points and creepy ideological obsessions to get anything passed. Meanwhile, Americans are worrying about losing their jobs, paying their bills, and if someone they love could die at any moment. Liberals have been continually blocking Conservative efforts to advance the massive stimulus bill multiple days in a row. 

Now more than ever America needs to come together to get families the resources they need instead of intentionally trying to split the country apart. Much of the stimulus bills proposed, one for example by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seems to just be a progressive wishlist seemingly unrelated to the crisis at hand. Democrats are trying to use this pandemic to fill stimulus packages with totally unrelated political priorities and identity politics such as 

-eliminating debt held by the U.S. Postal Service

-requiring same-day voter registration

-paying off $10,000 in student debt per person

-mandating that airlines reduce their overall carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050

-forcing federal agencies to explain to Congress how they are increasing their usage of “minority banks”

The list goes on…and all of which are unrelated to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and the economic risk of families nationwide. 

Democrats seem to have their hands tied around automatically renewing visas and work permits instead of securing yours. They want to throw around the word “diverse” and “diversity” over 60 times in the most current House bill and focus on ugly race politics, the kind they specialize in, instead of the pandemic that could affect millions of American families. 

Pelosi’s latest bill also allocates $300 million for the hiring of experts to manage Corona Virus but instead of looking for the most qualified person during the time of a national emergency she insists the criteria orders employees to be chosen on the basis of race and disability status. Wait, what?

This is a dangerous game the Democrats are playing and, of course, they are focusing on tiny details of some work permits instead of the larger pandemic crisis at hand.