The Death Of Trader Jose?


Cancel culture is out of control and companies are not putting up with it. Trader Joe’s has had enough of the media misinterpreting brands and companies for their “racist packaging” and have finally spoken out about their own products deemed “racist.”

Washington Post, CNN, and other mainstream media platforms reported that Trader Joe’s would be pulling several in-house brand names from their shelves due to an online petition. The online petition was started by a high school senior who somehow garnered 2,800 signatures calling for Trader Joe’s to rename some of their “offensive” brands.

The products targeted had names like Trader Giotto’s, Trader Jose’s, Trader Ming’s, etc. The company argued that the products have been really popular with customers and will remain on the shelves for that exact reason. Their fun product names were to show appreciation of the culture, and many customers backed them up in reaffirming that the name variations aren’t racist and are viewed in the exact way the company had intended. Fun. 

A company spokesperson issued an official statement in regards to all of this: “While this approach to product naming may have been rooted in a lighthearted attempt at inclusiveness, we recognize that it may now have the opposite effect—one that is contrary to the welcoming, rewarding customer experience that we strive to create every day.”

Trader Joe’s went on to explain that inaccurate reports (the radical left) have prompted them to take action. They disagreed that any of the labels were racist and that they do not make decisions based on petitions. They had the perfect response to including all cultures. To include someone, you might have to mention them. Does the radical left really want Trader Joe’s to clear out all ethnic labels on their shelves? Doesn’t that seem…racist?

Conservative co-host of “The View,” Meghan McCain, even praised Trader Joe’s announcement and response for one of the dumbest radical left hysterias yet. “Pitch perfect response from Trader Joes to one of the dumbest twitter mob non-controversies ever. Glad they won’t be bending the knee to the mob over….guacamole,” McCain tweeted. 

It’s time more businesses base their decisions on business rather than petitions, but that’s the amplifying power of the internet. Most stories get around and then companies give in to the Twitter mob. Shouldn’t they have learned by now? The left gets offended no matter what. Might as well just do what you want anyway. Something will always offend someone, and in the current state of America, that seems to be just about everything. Even Trader Jose’s guacamole.