Texas Legislature Protects Female Athletes With New Sports Measure


Texas is one of the latest states signing a bill into law that would protect female athletes from having to compete with biological men in high school sports. Gov. Greg Abbott is joining other governors taking similar actions in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. He signed House Bill 25 into law and states how athletes would compete based on the biological sex on their birth certificate rather than their “gender identity” that is not connected to biology.

The law was signed for all elementary and secondary schools in the state and will go into effect on January 18. The bill was sponsored by Republican Rep. Valerie Swanson, who states how the bill aims to uphold and secure fairness in girls’ sports. She said that the bill also aims to uphold Title IX, a federal law that prohibits any discrimination in sports on the basis of sex.

“It’s so very, very important that we protect everything that women have gained in the last 50 years. We need a statewide level playing field. It’s very important that we, who got elected to be here, protect our girls,” Swanson said on the House floor.

The left-leaning American Civil Liberties Union, on the other hand, has continued to fight against 1,000+ school districts and has challenged the law in the courts. They have argued against the law, adding that it would also prevent them from changing their sex on a birth certificate.

The ACLU has continued to discredit itself by promoting a woke agenda and filing complaints against teachers who have refused to use “gender-affirming” pronouns. They filed complaints against three teachers in Loudoun County who did not want to use nonbinary and trans pronouns, adding that it “harms” socio-emotional development during critical childhood years.

But the Texas legislature members argue that boys participate in athletics at a “higher rate” than girls and that they must promote equality of athletic opportunity between the sexes. They have claimed that the ACLU wants to violate the First Amendment’s free speech clause by advocating a more “restrictive view” of what free speech means, or at least the free speech they want.

The ACLU has continued to abandon its support for individual rights in favor of group rights while expanding that concept on everyone else. Some have questioned if this means the ACLU has abandoned protecting religious freedoms, as some believe in the clear distinction between male and female and that there is no gray area. The ACLU is supposed to protect these exact individuals from employers trying to coerce their employees into speaking or acting against their religious beliefs.

While Texas continues to protect normalcy and common sense when it comes to gender politics and sports, California has continued pushing diversity curriculums and woke objectives. There’s a reason Texas is gaining House seats and California is losing them.