McAuliffe Draws More Division Between Parents & Schools


Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has been attempting to cover up his failed policies and botched interviews with big names. He has rubbed reporters the wrong way and has failed to hold popularity in the Virginia polls against Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin. Things have gotten so unsteady for McAuliffe that Youngkin claimed the sun is “clearly setting” on his 43-year political career and we’re all watching.

Youngkin went on to share with Fox News why he believes McAuliffe is failing so bad in the polls. He said his opponent is on the “wrong side” of issues regarding schools, taxes, jobs, and community work. He predicts that Republican candidates will “sweep” the statewide races and make a statement around the country.

A 2019 interview of McAuliffe’s recently resurfaced where he talked about implementing a “diversity and inclusion curriculum,” adding how it is just as important as your math and English classes. It is just another example of how radical-left leaders look to prioritize race-baiting in schools and the educational experience that students will have.

McAuliffe emphasized how students have their “textbooks” but that they need to know how they fit into the “social work” of our nation and fabric. He has even gone so far as to demonize parents for getting involved in their kids’ educations. He was promoting his book “Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism” and talking about combatting the “racism” he claimed was plaguing the nation.

“We’ve got to do a better job in our education system. … Early on, we’ve got to start teaching, talking about these issues, much earlier than we’ve done it before. We don’t do a good job in our education system talking about diversity, inclusion, openness, and so forth. We don’t,” McAuliffe said.

Critics pointed out how McAuliffe wants to “institutionalize” the principles of Critical Race Theory in the school systems, which would drive a permanent wedge between parent and child.

McAuliffe has been spreading false information on a range of issues including COVID-19, election integrity, and even his friend Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal. The picture includes an image of a man in a Ku Klux Klan hood standing next to another man in blackface.

While McAuliffe told CNN’s “State of the Union” that “once that picture comes out” there is no way you can be governor, he seemed to have a different tone on his book tour. He tried to downplay and defend the picture by saying it was a “dumb mistake 40 years ago” and tried to claim how Northam was not in the photo.

McAuliffe’s only argument is that his opponent Glenn Youngkin is a “Trump Clone” which is the exact same thing that California Gov. Gavin Newsom said about one of his recall opponents, Larry Elder. Democrats are losing in the polls and overplaying the Trump card. Early voting data already suggests a lagging Democratic turnout in parts of Virginia, where people are not on par with McAuliffe’s campaign message on education, community, and COVID-19.