Tax Appeals Board Grants Trump A Million Dollar Tax Refund After Chicago Refuses To Pay


The Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board just ruled a big win for former President Donald Trump after claiming Trump paid too much on his Chicago skyscraper’s 2011 tax bill. The Tower’s rooms and retail space were also over-assessed by the Cook County Board of Review at the time. This led to the Tax Appeals board granting Trump $1.01 million, which would come from property taxes and other government agencies.

The board determined that Cook County had overestimated the value of the building’s retail space. Attorney general Kimberly Foxx then tried to block it by filing a tax rebate with the Illinois Appellate Court. She said Trump’s tax refund would end up taking approximately $540,000 out of Chicago Public Schools.

Foxx has repeatedly filed legal action against Trump and attacked his policies on employment practices, health care, illegal immigration, and the “public charge” rule. The move was similar to that of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who canceled Trump’s $30 million contracts with the City of New York over as political disagreement.

Trump had argued that his stores were not rented and had no value because he couldn’t lease them. A staff member wrote that Trump was entitled to the refund, but the state’s agency insisted that those empty spaces “add contributory value to the overall building.”

The Illinois Property Tax board disagreed and voted 5-0 to reduce the assessments on the commercial property and award Trump his million-dollar refund. If it’s Trump’s refund money, then the state of Chicago better let him have it. It would be a governmental overreach to block the money Trump is owed, especially after he donated his total earnings as president. It would also be considered a total “Pelosi” move to try and block the money that is his. It’s none of Foxx’s concerns and the rebate move is likely illegal.

Trump doesn’t seem too concerned by the tax hurdle as he just announced his next rally hosted by the Alabama Republican Party. John Wahl, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, announced York Family Farms as the location of the rally. He said they anticipate having thousands of people traveling in from all over Alabama, as well as other states, to see Trump.

Mayor Woody Jacobs also adds that the event developed really quickly but that they believe the City of Cullman is the best potential place to hold a rally by the former president. He said the city is very excited to make the event family-friendly, and memorable, as well as showing off the town and its hospitality.

Cullman County Economic Development Director Bradley Williams also talked about excitement for the opportunity to welcome former President Donald Trump. He said they are working with the Secret Service, the Cullman Police Department, and other law enforcement to make the event as safe as possible for anyone who wants to attend.

“The Trump visit and rally will have a major economic impact on Cullman, no doubt about that. I have gone to these events and seen the thousands of people who attend them which means they stay in your hotels, eat in our restaurants, visit our locals businesses, and much more helping our local economy,” Williams said.

Even though the City of Chicago is trying to take Trump’s money at every turn, he’s too busy connecting and speaking with the American people to care. It’s not like the Dems end up winning any of their corrupt attacks on Trump anyway. Just look at his last two impeachment trials.