Department Of Education Tries To Back Away From Critical Race Theory & Doesn’t Convince Many


Over the last few weeks, parents have raised the alarm over the teachings of Critical Race Theory to their children. They’ve continued to investigate the mental and emotional trauma of CRT-based lessons in the classroom and fought back after the Department of Education announced its plan to prioritize the funding for American history and Civics programs informed by CRT. And while the DOE has tried to readjust their stance, it’s still the same liberal word salad.

The DOE’s original proposal was to prioritize grant money for projects that focus on inequalities, systemic marginalization, or discriminatory practices in American history. It said the projects had to incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives. It cited the New York Times’ 1619 Project as well as Ibram Kendi’s anti-racism work as “favorable teachings.”

But Secretary Miguel Cardona clarified and posted about offering “invitational” priorities on his blog, which either means that the agency is backing off on their plans or using deceptive language to create the impression they have. Republican leaders suggested that the department has reversed its plans to give preferential treatment to anti-American agendas and has used bureaucratic language to leave room for a “future flip-flop” by the administration.

Cardona emphasized in his post that the department will not “dictate or recommend specific curriculum be introduced or taught in classrooms.” He emphasized that those decisions continue to be made at the local level and that they will accept submissions that incorporate diverse perspectives. He adds that these submissions do not need to address any ethnic or cultural perspectives and will “gain no competitive advantage” if they do.

While some anti-CRT groups applauded Cardona and the DOE for their decision, Parents Defending Education have held on to hope that the administration “recommits to historical accuracy and civics education over ideology and advocacy.” The group said they’ve received nearly 34,000 comments opposed to making racism and slavery the centerpiece of American history.

The Biden Administration and the rest of the Democrats have continued pulling back from promoting CRT, just as they did with defunding the police. The Department of Education also got called out last week after promoting the Abolitionist Teaching Network, which had called on educators to “disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression.” They released their own educator’s guide calling on educators to lower academic standards and promote “liberation” for non-Asian racial minorities.

The department quickly pulled back and said they do not endorse the recommendations of that group or their policy positions. But you have to question whether the department only pulled back on this “error” because the mainstream media highlighted it. Even Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center said that Cardona’s blog post was “nothing more than a shallow attempt to parry public criticism.” The Biden Administration, along with the DOE, have continued a pattern of supporting Critical Race Theory materials and curriculum by making “systemic racism” the basis of their administration policy.

As pointed out by House Education and Labor Committee ranking member Virginia Foxx and Sen. John Thune, Critical Race Theory has no place to be referenced, referred, or recommended to students, teachers, or agencies. It does nothing but divides the community even further. But then again, that’s what the radical left wants. Starting it in the schools makes their job a lot easier.