Signature Expert Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop


Last week, the president of the Government Accountability Institute revealed that President Joe Biden was a “direct beneficiary” of Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals. GAI President Peter Schweizer had explained that they have copies of Hunter Biden’s laptop and all of the files that confirm the statement. Schweizer explained that the Secret Service travel logs proved the authenticity of the Hunter Biden’s emails and where they traveled at the time.

Throughout the numerous political scandals and leaked financial documents, Hunter Biden hasn’t confirmed or denied it. He has claimed that he “can’t recall” if the laptop is his but that he doesn’t remember dropping it off at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Now, some of those claims about the authenticity of the laptop are being put to rest. Retired FBI counterintelligence agent Wayne A. Barnes, with expertise in signature analysis, just confirmed that Hunter Biden signed an April 2019 Delaware computer repair shop receipt and turned over the controversial laptop.

The laptop included Ukrainian and Chinese business deals he made when his father was vice president to former President Barack Obama. He leveraged his father’s name and political position of power to land top executive seats on certain firms.

Barnes went on to explain that the signature on the receipt at the repair shop matches the signature on other documents signed by the president’s son including Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, and other public documents. He said there are too many of the “same distinctive characteristics” in Hunter Biden’s signature that is replicated on other public documents. The signature is “R.H Biden,” short for Robert Hunter Biden.

“The signature on the computer repair store from April 2019 was signed by RHB. The general pattern and flow of the signature match the other known signatures from RHB. The R has its vertical line with the normal slight slant to the right,” Barnes explained.

Barnes went on to say that the “butterfly pattern of the H” is something well demonstrated in the other known examples of Hunter Biden’s signature. Meanwhile, Hunter continues to deny any connection to dropping off the laptop himself. He has suggested it was Russian intelligence or that it was stolen from him. He said that the laptop could “certainly” be his but that he doesn’t know the truthful answer.

The laptop has been at the height of many political scandals and brought more attention to Big Tech censorship. Details about the laptop were frequently suppressed in the mainstream media and portrayed as fake. Even Twitter joined in on censoring and blocking stories about the laptop until after the 2020 presidential election.

Since then, Big Tech has admitted it was a “mistake” to censor the content, and media outlets are covering stories about the laptop as more documents are leaked. Many emails have confirmed that Hunter Biden financially profited from his father’s political position and engaged in numerous financial scandals.

Barnes even said that he suspects some of the signatures were not even original or his. One was on a Chinese business document and the other was on a home document. He went on to suggest that they either could’ve been written by someone else or digitally recreated. He said that both have been turned in for further investigation to fully understand their origins.

Even though more people are questioning Hunter Biden’s laptop, it is still being entirely suppressed by the Biden family their campaign team, and the mainstream media. His laptop is full of criminal activity from drug trafficking to prostitution, including a collection of scandalous financial documents. The secrets that Hunter chose not to expose in his memoir are being revealed in the laptop. The Dems just won’t admit it.