Ron DeSantis’s Office Debunks Rumors Of Infighting With Trump


Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office (R) on Friday denied rumors that infighting occurred between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott. They called them “baseless stories” and “merely attempts of corporate media activists to distract attention from the failures of the Biden administration.”

Establishment media outlets have circulated rumors about infighting between two Republicans over the past week. These are two of the most popular Republicans across the country. Axios reported, citing an anonymous source that Trump was privately attacking DeSantis. The New York Times published a piece entitled “Who is King of Florida?” Tensions rise between Trump and a former Acolyte.

However, the chatter is only that. Breitbart News was informed by DeSantis’s staff.

“The governor stated when asked about the rumors last Wednesday, ‘This was what the media does.’ President Trump also mentioned on Hannity last night that Gov. Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s press secretary told Breitbart News Friday that DeSantis has said that media stories cannot hinder their friendship.

She continued, “All these anonymously sourced stories and baseless stories were simply attempts by corporate media activists in order to distract from the Biden administration’s failures.” The rumors about this quarrel emerged one year into Biden’s presidency. This is because voters see that he has failed to address a variety of issues including the coronavirus. He continues to urge Americans to wear masks, despite promising “just” 100 days. His approval rating has plummeted over the past year due to this and other issues.

“It’s not a coincidence this fabricated media narrative emerged while perhaps the worst week in Biden’s presidency,” Pushaw said, responding to the claims made on social media.

Trump also dismissed the rumors on Thursday, during an appearance on Hannity.

Trump stated that he gets along well with Ron, the Florida governor. Trump said that Ron was very knowledgeable about the Mueller hoax. He was with Jim Jordan, and all the others; they were amazing. Republicans were united. It was great, and Ron was one of those.

“Ron wanted a run and I supported him. Trump said that I had helped him tremendously and he continued to run. He’s done an amazing job in Florida. Ron has been great, he’s been my friend for a long while.

Trump said that the rumors of infighting are “totally false news.”

“I believe Ron said it last Wednesday; he made it very public: ‘The Press is never going to get in my friendship with Donald Trump.

Trump stated, “We’re not going do that stuff,” and noted that he agreed with DeSantis’s position “100 percent.”

Trump stated, “I have a very strong relationship with Ron” and “will continue to have it for a long period.”