Recent COVID-19 Data Does Not Link Spread To Schools


Recent coronavirus testing done in schools has shown that there have been extremely low rates of coronavirus infections among students. As it turns out, schools are not the dangerous “super spreaders” that the left has labeled them to be. 

The technology company Qualtrics collected data on COVID-19 in schools to find out that kids only reveal an infection rate of 0.13 percent among students and 0.24 percent among staff. This data was collected by almost 200,000 kids in 27 states from the last two weeks of September. Since the start of the in-person school year nearly three weeks ago, targeted testing has shown a surprisingly small number of positive cases. 

New York, alone, tested 15,111 staff members and students for coronavirus. Out of the 10,676 results so far, only 18 people (13 staff members and 5 students) tested positive for the virus. New York was one of the first major cities to reopen its public school system for in-person classes. 

Texas has also been showing similarly low rates. They reported 1,490 positive cases among an estimated population of 1,080,317 students at school. This puts the state at an infection rate of about 0.14 percent among students and 0.10 percent among staff. 

Democratic politicians must know that zero was never a realistic expectation. While children can get COVID-19, they tend to have less serious cases and might experience different symptoms than adults. Some studies have even revealed that school-age kids are less susceptible to COVID-19 than they are to the flu. Broader community rates in Florida and Georgia have also continued to decline over the past month as schools continue to open. 

“That data is encouraging. It reinforces what we have heard about schools not being super spreaders,” said Paula White, executive director of Educators for Excellence.

Of course, some have lashed out at the program, arguing that New York City is just doing some level of random testing and that it is not at an “ideal level.” Michael Mulgrew, the teachers union president, did state that the city officials would look at the possibility of increased testing to three times a month. This would detect outbreaks faster and provide more accurate data to the public. 

The reopening of schools has not resulted in the dangerous spread of COVID-19 as Democrats and the mainstream media outlets have predicted. The shutdown is just another fear tactic to keep the kids at home and everyone isolated until the November election.