President Trump Accepts Joe Rogan Debate


Joe Rogan, the world’s most well-known podcaster, just recently offered to host a debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden in this year’s upcoming election. Rogan is known for having a massive following and being a person who is fair to all guests, even those with different beliefs.

While Rogan has openly supported Bernie Sanders, he has demonstrated time and time again that he is open-minded. He has had far right and far left guests on his show for discussions and debates. The conversations have always been open, insightful, and civil. Rogan has more listeners than most podcasters because he is a friendly and easy-going person who does not attack those with different beliefs. He engages in thoughtful and challenging discussions with intelligent people who are simply trying to express their own personal views, whether it be philosophical, political, or religious. 

While President Trump and his opponent Joe Biden are set to have debates, a recent Gallup poll found that 84% of Americans believe the media is to blame for the political division we have today. It is nearly impossible for people to research the standard policies and beliefs both candidates carry when the radical left plays such a prominent role in media bias. Rogan, on the other hand, is known for having a wide range of interviews and topics and discusses them rationally. It is often the only place listeners can go to hear differing viewpoints in a long-form way.

When Rogan told MMA fighter, Tim Kennedy, on his podcast that he’d love to host a four-hour-long debate between Trump and Biden, many people were enthused by the idea. Kennedy tweeted out the offer to the two candidates and President Trump openly accepted the offer. “I do!” He tweeted to Tim Kennedy. 

Biden has not accepted the offer, nor do many people think he will. Political author and comedian, Tim Young, pointed out the obvious. “Trump just agreed to a 4-hour debate moderated by Joe Rogan. Joe Biden can’t physically or mentally handle it… so let his excuses begin,” he tweeted.

Biden will need all of the help he can get if he goes along with this four-hour long debate. He can barely read a 20-minute teleprompter speech. It’s not likely this little collaboration will happen but if it was, it would likely be one of the most-watched debates in America’s history.