Polls Spike In Support For President Trump


There has been a gigantic shift since the Democratic and Republican Conventions, and President Donald Trump got a big bump from it.

According to Rasmussen, one of America’s popular polling firms, there is actual evidence that President Trump is doing far better than the media portray. According to the CBS/YouGov battleground tracker, there were 16 polls that came out from August 1-15. From August 16-31, there were only 8 and none covering a later date than the 25th. Why? President Trump is in the lead. 

The Democrats want to give the false impression they’re winning when Joe’s poll numbers plummeted after the Democratic National Convention. Only now he has decided to start denouncing violence in blue-run cities. The numbers are getting bad and the mainstream media will soon have to adjust the analytics to match the desired outcome. 

Rasmussen isn’t the only poll showing President Trump in the process of overtaking Biden. An Express poll has Trump in a three-point lead and the Trafalgar Group, the only poll to accurately predict his victory back in 2016, also showed Trump above Biden by a substantial number. He was in a comfortable lead at 51.9%, while Biden was at 41.2%. 

Trump also experienced a nine-point rise in voting blocs such as the black community, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll conducted from August 22-25. The spike in African-American support has something to do with the Republican National Convention, where several high profile black lawmakers explained why it was the GOP that was the real party of opportunity. 

Sen. Tim Scott closed Monday’s opening night with a speech about his work on criminal justice reform within the GOP, working closely with President Trump on issues such as Opportunity Zones and bringing in over $75 billion of private sector investment into distressed communities. 

All of the recent polls are showing that people really don’t want a Biden/Harris socialist utopia. Just a month ago, Biden was leading 61-37. After the Dems decided to support the BLM riots in our communities, their numbers started dropping. There’s also the “hidden Trump” voters, which will increase Trump’s chances and continue to rise as we get closer to the election. 

The numbers aren’t a surprise. The betting market has moved in Trump’s direction after Harris was announced as Biden’s VP pick and the DNC convention. It demolished his chances of gaining momentum in the polls and it will demolish his chances of winning this election.