Activist Justifies Physical Revenge On Innocent People


At a recent rally in Kenosha, an “activist” declared that black people should retaliate against white people when they kill members of the black community. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin has been dealing with waves of riots after a police officer shot Jacob Blake, a wanted man resisting arrest, seven times. The southern Wisconsin city has erupted into violence, resulting in widespread destruction, riots, and two deaths. 

The disturbing comment was made at a peace rally in Kenosha. The messages talked about justice peacefully, but near the end of the rally, one man introduced himself as “our president” and made a statement saying “If you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours.”  

The man talked about having to behave when one of “them” has taken their lives. He explained that they didn’t do anything to anybody, then further explain why he’s justifying physical revenge. 

The justice that people in Kenosha are talking about contradicts all of the key details in the Job Blake incident. Blake, who was armed with a knife, refused to cooperate with officers and even fought with one of them, including putting the officer in a headlock. He continued to ignore the officers’ commands and even threatened the use of lethal force. 

The incident report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice and what the activists are saying paint a riddled picture of incomplete information. Blake even had an open warrant for felony sexual assault, unlike the story activists are telling that Blake just intervened in a domestic dispute.

“The purely fictional depiction of events coming from those without direct knowledge of what actually occurred is incredibly harmful, and provides no benefit to anyone whatsoever, other than to perpetuate a misleading narrative,” the Kenosha Professional Police Association said. 

Blake was allegedly uncooperative and non-compliant. There was even a 911 caller claiming Blake was attempting to steal her keys/vehicle on a property he wasn’t supposed to be on.

This is all just more proof that people are using stories they have no details about and people they don’t even know to justify violence and the destruction of property. It’s a shame the left keeps promoting this violent propaganda as a way to point the finger at President Trump. People are taking actual crimes and using it as an excuse to “even out the playing field” and murder an innocent person.