Pelosi’s Recent Meltdown On CNN


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is really running out of reasons why she hasn’t secured a deal for coronavirus relief for the American people. But hey, she’s got all of the excuses under the sun pretty secured. She recently butt heads with CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer who asked why there have been so many failed negotiations between Republicans and Democrats regarding another relief bill. While providing no solid answers, Pelosi just decided to throw a temper tantrum on national television about it instead.

The conversation started off with Blitzer asking Pelosi to respond to a tweet from one of her Democratic colleagues, Rep. Ro Khanna. 

“78 million can’t afford normal expenses. 40 million are at risk of eviction. 8 million small businesses might close forever. Dems can’t wait for the perfect deal. We have a moral obligation to get folks relief, now,” Rep. Khanna wrote.

As many have noted, people desperately need relief but Pelosi just won’t budge. She keeps blocking every bill the GOP offers and consistently uses the term “compromise” to act like she’s got another plan up her sleeve that is bigger and better. Radical left politicians like Pelosi won’t budge on a second relief bill until after the election season. It’s all a political game and Biden is the ultimate compromise. 

Pelosi then lashes out at Blitzer and says they don’t have any idea of the particulars of the negotiations regarding a second relief bill. “I didn’t come over here to have, so you’re the apologist for Obama, excuse me, God forbid,” Pelosi snaps.

CNN’s Blitzer repeatedly asks Pelosi why she hasn’t talked directly to President Trump regarding the negotiations. “Madame Speaker, I’m not the apologist, I’m asking you serious questions because so many people are in desperate need right now,” Blitzer responded. 

The interview continues with Pelosi accusing the CNN host of being disrespectful to Democrats. She says people need to do a service to the issue and have a level of respect for the people who worked hard to write the bills. 

“You evidently do not respect the chairmen of the committees who wrote this bill, and I wish you would respect the knowledge that goes into, getting, uh, meeting the needs of the American people. But again, you’ve been on [unintelligible] defending the administration all this time with no knowledge of the difference between our two bills, and I think you gave me the opportunity to say that to you in person,” said Pelosi. 

CNN then tried to close out the segment, but Pelosi kept interrupting to make her point that it is the President’s fault for a blocked relief bill, not hers. If $1.8 trillion isn’t good enough for Pelosi, nothing is. At least until after Election Day.