Pelosi Speaks Out About Trump Coronavirus Diagnosis…And It’s Pretty Terrible


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump contracting COVID-19 might be sicker than the disease itself. While some on the left took the high road in wishing the President and First Lady well, such as Joe Biden, others jumped on conspiracy theories and nasty comments. 

Turning this into a political statement was the first thing on Pelosi’s mind. Her first commentary since the news was “Hopefully this will be a message to the rest of the country…you have to wear your mask.” Not to wish the President a full and healthy recovery out of respect, but to scold people more about masks. 

Mind you, Nancy Pelosi might not want to be the one pointing the finger right now. She’s had her share of bad moments, including illegally going to a salon in San Francisco to get her hair done and walking around without a mask. 

Also, aren’t we still waiting for the data that changed Fauci’s mind on masks? The research that shows wearing them is effective at prevention in anything other than hospital settings. Oh wait, there isn’t any. 

Later on in the day, Pelosi appeared on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle. She said the President’s behavior during the pandemic was an “invitation” in waiting for something like this to happen. She adds that his positive test is “very sad” but that it will be a transition to a saner process for what this virus is all about. It seems that she can’t through one respectable statement without a jab at Trump. Figures. 

If it were the other way around, the news would be in a frenzy over any Republican saying that the person essentially had it coming. The reality is that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere but that we’ll be able to environmentally survive. There are many other countries experiencing second waves, but overall, deaths are going down and the truth of the outbreak can’t be ignored. 

This is still a political game to the left, but we can only wish a full and speedy recovery for President Trump to come back stronger and better than ever. Then he’ll be ready for a second term.