Pelosi Gives Vandalized Office Tour On 60 Minutes


    When the mob was attacking cities across the country, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did nothing to stop it. Then the mob arrived at her desk and she decided to show “60 Minutes” the damage they did to her U.S Capitol building office.

    She showed CBS’s Lesley Stahl a door that was broken, and a smashed mirror in her private office. She also gave them a tour of the conference room where her staffers hid, and an audio recording of the mob banging on a door in the office and yelling in search of Speaker Pelosi.

    When the House Speaker sat down with Stahl, she talked about working for “the most dangerous President” of our time and the violence he incited at the Capitol building. Later on in the conversation, Stahl turned to talk about the strong desire for compromise promised by the Democrats. She said that the Democrats lost so many House Seats anyway and need to look at finding responsibility for common ground.

    “You yourself are not known as a person who compromises,” Stahl said to Pelosi. “No, I am. I’ll compromise. We wanna get the job done. I’m not– I’m– mischaracterized by the Republicans that way. But that’s a tactic that they use. But we know we want results for the American people,” Pelosi argued back.

    Stahl referred to the COVID relief package that was held up for eight months, while Pelosi argued that it was held up “out of respect” for heroes, state and local health care workers, police and fire, first responders, etc. Stahl pointed out that one member of her caucus even said they look like obstructionists and it was a mistake.

    “I don’t remember anybody saying that and they may have. But it isn’t– it wasn’t a mistake. And I would not, and nobody expects me to, to support something that solidifies injustice in our country,” Pelosi argued back.

    While Republican leaders spent months trying to deliver relief to American families, Pelosi slipped under the radar again with her role in blocking relief. The interview turned to talking about baseless Russian hoax claims linked to the President and how Congress would try to invoke the 25th Amendment and impeach him this month.

    Nancy Pelosi only cares about politics and not about helping folks in need. Instead of using her time on screen to talk about the important issues regarding an incoming President, she defended her role in blocking COVID-19 relief to struggling families and showed off her vandalized office. This is just more proof that the House Speaker is not living in the reality of the middle working class – just the high and elite politicians who bribe everyone they can.