Pelosi Calls $600 Stimulus Payments ‘Significant’


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faced harsh criticism over a comment she made regarding the second round of stimulus checks included in the $900 billion coronavirus relief package. She called the $600 stimulus payments “significant” on the House Floor while adding that she would’ve liked them to be bigger.

    “We also have in the legislation direct payments, which were not in the Republican bill, to America’s working families. I would like for them to have been bigger, but they are, uh, significant, and they will be going out soon,” Pelosi said at a recent press briefing.

    People brought up Pelosi being out of touch and saying that $600 is a “significant” amount for working families when the COVID-19 pandemic and government-mandated shutdowns put millions of Americans out of business. “These may be her most tone-deaf remarks since she joked about her luxury freezer full of gourmet ice cream on a late-night comedy show,” tweeted Peacock TV Host Mehdi Hasan. This is after Nancy Pelosi showed off a $24,000 freezer full of $12-a-pint luxury ice cream on a segment of The Late Late Show back in April.

    There’s nothing significant about trying to save face after screwing Americans out of their own businesses and then blocking weekly unemployment benefits. She’s known nothing about the people she’s supposed to represent. Democrats and Republicans have both spent months separately proposing a second round of $1,200 checks under the CARES act for additional COVID-19 relief. Pelosi, however, blocked any attempt at an approved coronavirus-related proposal before Election Day.

    After Election Day, the House Speaker helped approve and defend the $900 billion coronavirus relief package that included a second round of $600 stimulus payments. Democrats have shared a view that nothing is ever good enough when it comes to “corporate greed.” It is hypocritical that people from the left would praise a $600 paycheck when two years ago they characterized a set of thousand-dollar bonuses provided to employees by corporate America as “crumbs.”

    Back in 2018, Republicans helped pass a bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It reinvested into large companies, such as Capital One and Fiat Chrysler, by giving out workers one-thousand dollar bonus checks. However, Nancy Pelosi didn’t see it that way.

    “In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on — it’s so pathetic. I think it’s insignificant,” Pelosi said during a press conference.

    It’s interesting enough that radical politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi, call these payments a “bonus.” A bonus tied into effort is something that is earned by working. Seems like the only bonuses being paid are directly to the corrupt politicians who sat around for one year closing down our shops and arguing over whether or not we deserved $600.

    The House Speaker is worth more than $100 million and is one of the richest members of Congress. It’s always interesting how any money from the right is “crumbs” and any money from the left is “significant.” This has never been about leadership or compassion, just politics of greed and power.