MSNBC Producer Slammed For Trump Nashville Comment


    Liberals are known for their selective fake outrage at anything and everything President Trump does and this time in particular it is MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin.

    On Christmas Day, an RV blew up in front of an AT&T data center in Nashville. 41 buildings were damaged for several blocks, a call of shots fired in the area, and three people were hospitalized with injuries. The explosion was deliberate and intentional, set by 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner.

    However, when the Trump Derangement Syndrome kicks in, it’s hard to shake. Most media platforms reported on the fact that President Trump hadn’t commented on the Nashville story…while not reporting the Nashville story themselves.

    President Trump did comment on the bombing, the day it happened, of course. While he had not tweeted about it, U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee wrote on Twitter thanking President Trump for working with them to look at quickly granting a federal disaster declaration. He has been committed to working with Nashville Mayor John Cooper and law enforcement officials as well to help the community recover rapidly.

    In a series of tweets two days after the explosion, Griffin attacked President Trump and spun a story that he didn’t care about Nashville at all. “Why has Trump been silent on Nashville? According to the pool report, Trump is back at his golf club. He still has said nothing about Nashville,” he tweeted.

    People called Griffin out for his false reporting since the Nashville Major even released a statement regarding President Trump being briefed on the incident. “The president is grateful for the incredible first responders and praying for those who were injured. Our senior senator I know talked to him yesterday, she said, and he apparently had been following the news very closely and was committing help from the federal government aspect for which we are grateful and we’ll need that,” Mayor Cooper said.

    Left-leaning reporters continue to pick at everything President Trump does while ignoring all of Biden’s gaffes. MSNBC, in particular, doesn’t report stories anymore. They follow a pre-planned script with a specific narrative to keep their viewers.

    This isn’t the first time Griffin has been called out for his false reporting. Earlier this year, the MSNBC producer was ripped and called out for his tweets on Russia’s election push for Trump while ignoring China and Iran’s hopes for Biden. He also took a snippet of President Trump’s remarks about chokeholds out of context and tried to make it like he was endorsing police chokeholds after the death of George Floyd.

    Democrats never face any consequences for lying to the American people but continue to pick at every single thing the President does. The hypocrisy never ends and it’s all to inflame further tension if it helps them in the end.