Minneapolis Cop Offers No Hope To Business Owners


Minneapolis has been in trouble for quite some time now. The horrors of a city that wants to ‘defund the police’ have created far more chaos than they ever imagined. Small business owners and American families are tired of the crimes being justified in the media and want the cops to come and bring a little law and order. 

Concerned business owners spoke with CBS Minneapolis, Sean McGinty, about the safety issues of going into work…and not because of COVID-19. The neighborhood block of shops has had high levels of criminal activity since early June. 

“Couple robberies. Two, three robberies in the area, and some break-ins and a couple of crazy stunts,” said bike shop owner Craig Paulson. Another gift shop owner was robbed during her own lunch hour. 

There are broken windows, open fire in stores, and even some cars flying down the streets crashing into bus stops and stores. Police officers have been notified of street racing which also results in crashes, brazen daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults, and shootings. “I’m scared for my coworkers, but it’s worrisome to see people that I care about just kind of in a dangerous area,” said one resident who lives and works in the area. 

Many businesses have shared the struggle of keeping employees who are willing to work in the area and are looking to the state government for long-term plans. 

Minneapolis Police Department’s Inspector Sean McGinty said in a recent email to a local business owner that the department doesn’t really have a plan. He explained that he has lost 30% of his officers since the end of May and the budget cuts have slashed an additional 1.5 million. There have been canceled recruit classes and officers being let go left and right. This is what the people voted for.

Minneapolis business owners have essentially been told that they are on their own. The city is crime-ridden and its liberal leaders have no idea how to clean up the mess they’ve made. This leaves a community without confidence and businesses without a plan.

But hey, defund the police right? Even if it means destroying your community, making your businesses suffer, and invoking fear within your community. The people of Minneapolis will really have to take the time and vote for who they want to make the decisions in the next city election. 

It’s time to vote for people who want to defend, not defund.