Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Articles Of Impeachment Against President Biden


The evacuation of the United States troops has been one of the worst moves President Joe Biden made since taking office – and that was only in January. The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse and the Biden Administration has proven it doesn’t have a plan. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced articles of impeachment against Biden on behalf of the American people. Greene made the announcement to an Ohio crowd and got a standing ovation. While she was one of the first to put Biden’s name on impeachment papers, everyone in the country has been asking for his resignation.

Rep. Greene introduced the three separate resolutions in the House over Biden’s “dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our Southern Border, and his usurping of Congressional power by ignoring the SCOTUS.”

In the text, Greene writes that Biden has spent seven short months losing the respect of the entire world. She claimed he is shredding the Constitution and usurping the balance of power in Congress through his orders. She also listed 18 different bullet points on why Biden has committed an impeachable offense

While it remains to be seen how many GOP colleagues publicly support Greene, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has shared that Biden “deserves to be impeached” if any Americans are left behind in Afghanistan. He shared on “Fox & Friends” that leaving any Americans behind is a crime, along with the thousands of Afghans who fought along our side. He said it is a misdemeanor or dereliction of duty and should be treated as a higher crime.

“If we leave one American behind. If we don’t get all those Afghans who stepped up to the plate to help us out then Joe Biden, in my view, has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution and should be impeached,” Sen. Graham said.

Even former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who was credited for killing Osama Bin Laden, blasted Biden’s handling of the withdrawal and said he deserves to be impeached. He also demanded the resignation of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

O’Neill said that the people have been “pretty good for the past four and a half years at impeaching a president for no reason,” and that if anything deserves an impeachment right now it’s this. He also called out Biden and the military generals for refusing to order U.S forces to enter the city of Kabul to extract Americans. O’Neill admits that he is amazed there haven’t been at least 30 generals and admirals resigning or being fired.

O’Neill said he was very angry at the move and that in over 400 combat missions, their team has never lost a fight. He said he doesn’t know a single Marine who’s lost a fight to the Taliban and that when they meet them, they crush them.

“It’s infuriating that I have to talk to my combat veteran friends that fought for so many years, and they’re wondering why, why do we fight? For these people that just hid there until we elected people in suits that can’t do anything. And then they surrender? Are you kidding me? This president surrendered to the Taliban. Does it get any more embarrassing? Should I not be embarrassed as an American right now, wondering what I fought for?” O’Neill said.

The safety and security of the American people are at risk with President Biden in office. He has betrayed our troops and our allies. Even Osama Biden Laden wanted to put Biden in charge and said it would “lead to the destruction of America.” That should say enough.