Liberal Organization Spent More Money On Salaries Than Donations


    The Time’s Up Organization just detailed its tax filings and a huge amount of the money was spent on executive salaries rather than donations to “fight the cause.”

    Time’s Up is a movement formed in the wake of the Weinstein effect and #MeTooMovement against sexual harassment in 2018. The organization was backed up by several Hollywood actresses, such as Reese Witherspoon, Amy Schumer, and Brie Larson holding positions on its board. Their tax forms detail the mission statement is to work for equal opportunity for economic security and can achieve the highest positions of power wherever they work.”

    Members of the movement managed to draw incredibly large salaries for themselves. CEO Lisa Borders drew in an annual salary of $342,308, Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Terrace drew in $295,000, and treasurer Rebecca Goldman drew in $255,327.

    The tax filings had detailed around 3,000 individuals who were “helped” by the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund at a cost of $1,747,635, but most of the grant money had come from the Women’s Law Center instead. When looking at the tax filings, Time’s Up only donated around $132,575 between January and June 2018.

    Time’s Up spent $1,407,032 on salaries, but only $312,001 for victims of sexual harassment. An organization spending less than a third of its budget on program expenses and legal assistance is simply not living up to its mission. They racked up six figures on advertising, and legal costs for themselves, as well as sending $719,522 to the Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer law firm and $112,435 to the Rally public relations company.

    “The thing is is that, the intentions are good, but I know the people behind it. It’s for CAA agents who needed good PR,” said actress Rose McGowan. Other actors and actresses have also criticized celebrities for backing the movement since its released tax filings.

    Time’s Up is purely political and was meant to attack Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump, and all “straight white men.” The organization refused to talk to Tara Reade when she spoke out about sexual allegations against President-elect Joe Biden. Anita Dunn, a managing PR director for Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, was also a Biden adviser. She kept Tara Reade silent during the hottest 3 months of the primary while assuring her they would share her story. Time’s Up gave Tara Reade a list of legal references, but none of the attorneys in the organization took her case.

    Time’s Up has refused to “unite with all women” regardless of their party affiliation. It has been a clear attack against conservatives to protect their own salaries. Liberal organizations continue to contribute to themselves – and only themselves.