BLM Leader Lashes Out At Biden


    Founding member and lead organizer of BLM’s Los Angeles chapter Dr. Melinda Abdullah just called out President-elect Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party for taking advantage of their movement in order to get votes. She accused the former vice president of capitalizing on their efforts to defund the police as well as condemning the words at the same time.

    Dr. Abdullah, along with a few hundred protesters, gathered outside Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s home, in opposition to his potential nomination to Biden’s cabinet. At one point, the gathering was deemed an unlawful assembly and two people were arrested. The protests continued for five straight days.

    Garcetti is being considered for Secretary of Transportation or Housing and Urban Development. Mayor Garcetti told reporters it is one of the “last things” on his mind and that he is not currently seeking a cabinet position.

    “We’re telling @joebiden not to appoint @mayorofla to his cabinet. We won’t allow his failed policies to become a part of the national agenda,” Black Lives Matter Los Angeles wrote on its Facebook page.

    Several Black Lives Matter leaders criticized Biden’s “lock them up” approach that contributes to mass incarceration and over-policing, as well as accusing the former vice president of using Harris to usher in oppressive systems and oppressive people. They blamed Joe Biden and his controversial 1994 crime law for extending tough-on-crime policies that overly criminalized Black Americans. Activists were also critical of Mayor Garcetti’s handling of the LAPD, as well as rejecting BLM’s proposal to cut the police department’s operating budget by 90%.

    “We want to be very clear that as we happily usher out the Trump regime, we will not accept liberal white supremacy in the White House in the form of Joe Biden,” Dr. Abdullah said. She noted that a Garcetti appointment to Biden’s cabinet would be “doubling down on liberal white supremacy.”

    The Black Lives Matter Movement spent months calling President Trump and his followers the core of all white supremacy that “dominates” America. Now they announce that Joe Biden is a liberal white supremacist? The movement has no goals other than destroying America and letting a small percentage of their group control what the rest of us want. They have no friends, only enemies.

    BLM has never been about improving black lives, it’s always been about its own Marxist socialist agenda to abolish prisons and open borders. Liberals have let a terror organization have too much influence on their political party just to grab a few extra votes and now they’ve got to put their money where their mouth is.