Kamala Harris Calls South African Travel Ban Necessary Amid Concerns Over COVID-19 Omnicron Variant


Vice President Kamala Harris recently stated that she was briefed on the COVID-19 Omicron variant and that the Biden administration did what is necessary to implement travel restrictions from South Africa and seven countries to stop its spread. No additional travel restrictions were mentioned.

Harris made these comments during a visit to a Christmas market as part of Small Business Saturday. Harris stated to reporters that she had been briefed on it and the president had said they would take all precautions and steps necessary.

Harris stated that she cannot stress enough how important it was for U.S citizens to have their booster shots and their first or second doses of the vaccine. She said they are safe, free of charge, and will save your life.

Harris thought about additional travel restrictions and replied that they’ll take it one step at a time.

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff accompanied Harris on her Christmas market visit and bought a variety of items from The Capital Candy Jar. Biden imposed travel restrictions from South Africa and seven other nations beginning this week due to concerns about the omicron variant.

According to World Health Organization, the omicron variant has many concerning mutations. As a result of the new variant, not only has the U.S. been affected, but also the European Union, Israel, and the U.K all stopped air travel to South Africa.