DeSantis Says Florida Won’t Bring Back Lockdowns Based On Media-Driven Hysteria


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently reiterated his belief that there will be no coronavirus restrictions in Florida based on media hype about the Omicron variant. He stated that he would not allow media-driven panic to interfere with people’s individual rights regarding COVID variants.

DeSantis said that in Florida, the federal government will not lock you down. They will not be allowed to take your job. They will not harm your business. He added that we will not allow them to close your schools.

DeSantis’ comments come after the U.S has banned travel from 8 African countries.

President Biden said that lockdowns are not possible while researchers test the variant for resistance to the current coronavirus vaccines.

The president stated that people should be vaccinated and wear their masks before encouraging Americans to get the booster shot. Dr. Fauci believes the vaccines currently in use provide some protection against the new variant, and that the boosters strengthen that protection substantially.