“It’s Shameful, Actually, Of The Democratic Party” A Democratic Rep Says


Michigan Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit) joined the voices opposing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown order. She announced she is voting with Republicans to end the lockdown as soon as possible. She recently spoke on the “Glenn Beck Radio Program” on Friday about her vote to open up the state. 

“We have to celebrate the victories, do we still need testing? Yeah, we still need it. Am I voting to support us opening up our state, yes I am voting to support us opening up our state because I do feel that there’s too much power given to the governor right now and it’s not being used properly. But where it needs to be handled and dealt with down in my city, you guys are helping to make that impact, you’re making the difference, you’re making the change, it’s people that is doing this, it’s not the people and the politicians that are making the difference.” said Whitsett.

Beck agreed, saying that when Americans see a need, they will fill out. Rep. Karen Whitsett had recently made headlines when the Democratic Party voted to censure her over the support of President Donald Trump after she was saved from coronavirus. She had taken his recommendation on hydroxychloroquine. She later said “Didn’t know saying thank you had a political line” over cries of disgrace and disgust from the Left criticizing her for thanking Trump for saving her life.

Detroit has been one of the “hotspots” for coronavirus, documenting more than 42,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 3,866 deaths. But Karen Whitsett will not be silenced. She has continued to work with President Trump to ensure what’s done in her state needs to be done. “There is so much more to this story and it’s shameful, actually, of the Democratic Party,” Whitsett stated. 

In a time like this, Whitsett believes she should be focusing on the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan, not playing political games. She said this is teaching her her place and that nothing is going to stop her. She has, since using the drug, promoted hydroxychloroquine, despite the Left preaching otherwise. The USFDA has advised the drugs should be used only in clinical trials or at a hospital because of safety risks to patients.

“As long as we need things in the city of Detroit and we have a President of the United States [who] is willing to work with us and get those things done, that is who I’m going to work with,” she concluded. “And, President Donald Trump wants to do that. It’s common sense!”