Houston, TX New Lockdown Orders


    Rep. Dan Crenshaw is one of the many elected officials fighting the draconian lockdown measures surrounding Houston, Texas. He argues that businesses should not comply with the unconstitutional government-mandated lockdowns and says that they are not even supported by law.

    It started with reports coming out of the Houston hospital region that showed COVID-19 patients occupying 15% of available beds from Dec. 29 to Jan. 4, meaning that bars must close, restaurants/other businesses must go from 75% to 50% occupancy, and hospitals have to postpone elective surgeries.

    “Absolutely not. Businesses should not comply. Lockdowns are not supported by law, they are unconstitutional edicts. Law enforcement should not enforce this. Stop stealing people’s right to make a living,” tweeted Rep. Crenshaw.

    Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive orders are based on coronavirus hospitalizations and in light of rising case numbers. Doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital also agreed with the Governor’s rollback threshold and talked about how the latest coronavirus hospitalization surge won’t crest or decrease for several weeks.

    Rep. Crenshaw started criticizing the shutdowns and defending business owners in early June when Gov. Abbott called for new lockdowns due to rising coronavirus hospitalization cases. He said that the radical left “fear-mongers” were just using new cases to push lockdowns and called on trusting Americans to understand the risks to safely reopen their businesses.

    “Lockdowns are unscientific and the minimal benefits do not come close to justifying the extreme costs on lives and livelihoods. So-called ‘leaders’ who continue to implement lockdowns with no regard to the lives they’re destroying should resign,” said Rep. Crenshaw.

    Many politicians have criticized the lockdowns for having almost no benefits and have compared how the spread happens and declines in different regions and countries, finding almost no change at all in regards to lockdown policies. Rep. Crenshaw argued this case in a recent ‘The Daily Wire’ interview in which he noted that the government should focus on hospital capacity, vaccine development, and PPE production, but not business-destroying lockdowns.

    Galveston County Judge Mark Henry also blasted the new COVID-19 restrictions, pointing out that imposing a “one size fits all” solution for multiple countries can make or break a business. He called it flawed data since “areas with high hospitalization” means any trauma service area that has had seven consecutive days of COVID-19 hospitalized patients. The order also called for bars to close, though Galveston County Sheriff notes he does not have the resources to enforce that.

    We’ve seen lockdowns come and go but nothing seems to change the spread. The Democrat Party has had too much fun playing with political power but business owners and Republican officials are fighting back against the people who are trying to tell you to stay home and not make a living.