Homeland Security Rep. Swalwell Ties With Chinese Spy


    Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, who has been serving as the U.S Rep for California’s 15th congressional district since 2013, just joined the House Committee on Homeland Security. He had previously served on the committee from 2012-2014, before being accused of romantic ties with Chinese government spy Christine Fang.

    Fang had entered the U.S in 2011 as a college student at California State University East Bay, where she got involved in campus activities, campaign rallies, and political events to meet elected officials. She was looking to enter key government circles to gain personal information from local politicians to U.S congressmen in a bid to infiltrate the U.S political system.

    Fang started working with Rep. Swalwell in 2014 and had helped place at least one of the interns in his office, raised funds for his 2014 re-election campaign, and interacted with the congressman at a number of events. She volunteered for California Democrat Ro Khanna, helped raise funds for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and was known to have romantic relationships with at least two mayors. While Rep. Swalwell denied there were any romantic relationships between the two, Fang quickly fled back to China in 2015 after getting wind that the FBI was onto her.

    “As House Speaker, I am pleased to announce the appointments of these outstanding Members to key Committees, where they will be relentless in leading Democrats’ work to combat disparities in our economy and country and to advance justice and progress For The People,” said Nancy Pelosi,

    Rep. Swalwell was also named one of the nine managers in leading President Trump’s second impeachment, despite his foggy ties to Fang. He has likened President Trump to terrorist leader Usama bin Laden and accused him of stepping up his rhetoric during last week’s riot.

    Fox News contributor and former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy scolded Rep. Swalwell for the comparison and hoped that people are smart enough to not compare the President with somebody who murdered thousands of Americans.

    A number of top House Republicans have demanded that the House Speaker remove Rep. Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee. Tucker Carlson also used his Fox News platform to express that Swalwell doesn’t sleep on national security threats, he sleeps with them. A guest on the show, conservative author Mark Steyn, also described Swalwell as a person who is ‘compromised’ and ‘playing for the other team.’

    The Democrat Party accuses others of doing things without even reporting on their own corruption. Can’t help but think if this was the other way around they’d be calling for a resignation…but not if it’s brought to you by the Chinese Communist Party.