Dem Rep Argues That Pro-Trump Troops Are ‘Security Hazards’


    On a recent CNN segment with Jim Sciutto, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen suggested that Donald Trump supporters within the National Guard might want to do something to President-elect Joe Biden, even referencing former India Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated by her own bodyguards. He claimed that if there are any Trump voters in the Guard, you should suspect them.

    “The [National] Guard is 90-some-odd percent male, and only about 20% of White males voted for Biden. You’ve got to figure that in the Guard, which is predominantly more conservative… they’re probably not more than 25% of the people they’re protecting us that voted for Biden. The other 75% are in the large class of folks that might want to do something,” Cohen said.

    Sciutto asked Cohen to elaborate on the claims of danger surrounding Biden and emphasized that not every Trump voter was a threat of violence. Cohen went on to reiterate the same point but added that “you draw a circle first” around Trump voters in the Guard who you should suspect.

    The comments received heavy backlash over the labeling of our military and insinuated that the National Guard is not professionals who do their jobs regardless of political preference. The military has done incredible work regarding the pandemic and helping with testing, food banks, and vaccine administration. Others pointed out the intense stupidity and danger in judging members of our military as “security hazards” based purely on the fact that they’re white and male.

    The comment was also compared to the same argument that was made by the radical left during the nomination of Republican Amy Coney Barrett, who had sided with the law despite any personal beliefs. While vetting is important, the National Guard is there to do a job, and making bad assumptions about them only reveals the flawed thinking process of the left even more.

    Georgia Republican Brian Kemp also argued on Fox News that these guards are great patriots and recalled his own experiences working with the Georgia National Guard when they were protecting the Georgia State Capitol building during BLM/Antifa riots last summer.

    “It was as diverse a group as you’ve ever seen in your life, and they were there to do one thing and that was to follow orders, to protect the Capitol and protect property in the city of Atlanta and state assets at that time. These are good people,” Kemp said.

    Left-leaning politicians are openly telling the public that if you didn’t vote for them, then they don’t trust you. They think that the public is the danger when it’s always the other way around. They can trust a flawed voting system, but not the National Guard.