Harris Tweets Full-Blown Marxist Campaign Video


With only hours left until the election, it’s about time the Biden-Harris campaign went full-Marxist. In a recent video published to vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s Twitter, she drew a distinction between equality and equity, and according to her, our goal should be equity over equality. 

The California Democrat believes that we should “all end up in the same place.” There used to be a word for that, right? Oh yes, communism. The message of “following the path to opportunity” is unclear and washed away by the emotional reasoning of the left. They left out any logical reasoning and just made one thing clear. We should all end up in the same place. What is the opportunity if we “all end up in the same place?”

Many politicians tweeted at Sen. Harris and ridiculed her for the Marxist propaganda. 

“The false promise of the left, in 1 minute. Start out with a well-intentioned point on equality of opportunity, only to end it with the true Marxist intent: equity in outcomes. They leave out the part where equity must be enforced with unequal -and tyrannical- treatment,” tweeted Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

GOP Rep. Liz Cheney also pointed out that this sounds just like the government-enforced equality of outcome ideas from Karl Marx and that we know “where that path leads.” Other media platforms, including The Daily Wire and The Daily Mail, pointed out that Kamala Harris is a full-on communist and has declared so in her campaign at this point. Just last week, Sen. Harris had laughed off a claim from 60 Minutes host Norah O’Donnell if she had a socialist or progressive perspective. 

The Senator’s claims don’t acknowledge variations in personality, intelligence, or virtue. They assume everyone wants the same thing, despite talent or choices, because we should all end up in the same place. It’s also incredibly vague what the radical left means by “get the same amount.” Are they talking about job offers, money, intelligence level, or opportunity? Yet, they refuse to elaborate. 

The Biden campaign wants to ensure that 330 million people all have the same outcome. This strips the American people of their freedom, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. The radical left wants to destroy the American dream as we know it.

If we all end up in the same place, then our path is clear. But who chooses that place? Oh right, Senator Harris and the government. That’s what she means, she just won’t say it until after November 3rd. Then she’d look at pushing socialism in a heartbeat.