Harris Owned By Mike Pence, Media Blames ‘Mansplaining’


Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris got owned during the first debate against vice president Mike Pence. It was a sight for sore eyes. Between her grimacing, cackling, and making faces most of the night, voters found Harris to be condescending and arrogant. 

Pence clearly won the debate performance of the entire political season so far, but some are making excuses that Pence was not being fair and clearly “mansplaining” her the whole night. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos even pointed out that there was some mansplaining going on. What he really means: Pence was much better tonight so we have to spin and deflect for Harris. Kamala Harris, by the way, explained the definitions of what debt and bounties are to the viewers. Not Pence.

It’s a debate and if you can’t keep up, you shouldn’t be there. Was Pence supposed to keep quiet or is mansplaining just another term for “debated with a man?” 

Harris also complained about getting “equal time” throughout the night, even though Pence’s talking time was 35 minutes and 22 seconds, while Harris’s was 38 minutes and 48 seconds. The moderator spent most of her time interrupting Pence while allowing Harris to have the run of the place. 

She also told a fair share of lies throughout the debate, including the claim that Joe Biden was “clear” about not banning fracking, even when he’s made repeated comments about banning fracking and getting rid of fossil fuels.

Harris cited the misquoted fake news “very fine people” quote as well, which has been a staple foundation for the Biden campaign. If you watched the entire President Trump interview about the Charlottesville riots, you’d see that he never called Neo-Nazis very fine people and was referring to the people on both sides of the statue debate. 

She also dragged up the claim that the President has failed to denounce white supremacy, something he has denounced time and time again during the debate. Remember when he said “sure” repeatedly to moderator Chris Wallace? Where is the condemnation of Harris and Biden of Antifa? 

Lies were spewed that President Trump believed the virus to be a hoax, even though he had formed a task force, activated the CDC, cut travel with China, and declared a public health emergency.

But hey, lying is what the left does. Harris will do just about anything to justify her attacks against the President, even if it’s the furthest thing from the truth. She wants Biden in office so she can hold the puppet strings and do as she pleases.

We can’t forget that she was running in the Presidential elections first, right?